Windows Hider

Windows Hider

Desktop Enhancement

All our products are compatible with:
Windows XP / Vista / 7


Windows Hider is designed to protect your privacy by instantly hiding windows in the taskbar.

Groups help you to split windows, which allows you to control what will be hidden in different situations.

In Windows Hider there are also options to mute sound as well as using stealth mode so nobody will be able to detect it.


    • Interface of two panels

      Windows Hider consists of two panels - "All Windows" panel which contains the open/active windows, and "Selected Windows" panel which contains the windows you added to hide.


  • Hide/Show windows instantly by one click or hotkey.
  • Your sensitive/private information will be safe.
  • Groups to make easier decisions about which windows to hide.
  • Mute sound when group(s) is hidden.
  • Stealth mode to hide Windows Hider itself from watching eyes.
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