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Visual Command Line

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All our products are compatible with:
Windows XP / Vista / 7

v1.1.25 (25 Jan 2011)

  • Fixed a crash bug when trying to save the StartPage
  • Fixed a crash bug when using the document panel
  • Fixed a GUI (User-Interface) bug when the Toolbox shows items, but shows them chopped
  • Fixed a minor bug: when changing compatibility, after writing something in the TextEditor (that has arguments) the Properties panel doesn't reload
  • Optimized: the program now loads faster at startup
  • Optimized: closing a document will now close faster
  • Optimized: the TextEditor performance has been improved
  • Optimized: better memory usage
  • Optimized: ToolTip will now show faster
  • Removed - unused resources (like images, DLL's, etc..) from the project means faster loading
  • Added: the TextEditor now colorize differenet type of commands with differenet color
  • Added: clicking enter in the Compatibility window will click "Add Document" or "Change Document"
  • Added more status messages
  • Added file filters for the Save and Open file dialogs
  • Added: opening a file with ".bat" or ".sh" extension will auto-select the correct option from the Compatibility window
  • Added: "Choose Compatibility" window tips now loads randomally from file
  • Added: before doing something related to some of the program files - the program first check if they exists in-order there will be no crash bug
  • Added: changing compatibility will only be allowed if the current compatibility is differenet than the selected OS and version
  • Changed all of the commands

v1.0.0 (18 Jan 2011)

  • this is where it all began
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