Schedule Manager

Schedule Manager


All our products are compatible with:
Windows XP / Vista / 7

v1.2.27 (27 Feb 2011)

  • Fixed a crash bug caused after the first occurrence if you used more than 1 occurrence.
  • Fixed a bug where if you chose "Nonstop" at the occurences and then tried to edit - it checked the "times" CheckBox and filled it with '1'.
  • Fixed a crash bug casued when there is ' (single quote) or " (double quote) at the Content box of the "Alert" Task or at "Open File" TextBox.
  • Changed the Calendar.
  • Changed the "method" used to play sounds to Windows Media Player dll.
  • Changed base format of the "Take Screenshot" Task from .bmp to .jpg.
  • Added up and down Buttons to the "Starting Time" and "Every x" TextBoxes.
  • Added "Every x minutes" option in "Date and Time" Tab.
  • Added "Repeat" option in "Sound" Tab.
  • Added "Volume" option in "Sound" Tab.
  • Added an option to send arguments with the "Open File" Task.
  • Added ToolTip of the action to the icons at the Tasks Database.
  • Added option in Settings to allow you to choose if you want to Minimize to Tray or not.
  • Added multi-language - you can choose from 48 differenet languages (currently supports only left to right languages, translated by Google).

v1.1.25 (25 Jan 2011)

  • Fixed date format - everyone will see the date in the same format his windows use.
  • Fixed a bug where the Alert 10/30/60 seconds didnt function properly.
  • Fixed a bug where you could Download without choosing save path.
  • Fixed a bug where you could Download/Open Website with url "http://".
  • Fixed "sizeable" property of Download and Idle forms - it is now fixed single.
  • Fixed the OK button of the Alert where it was too down - ONLY XP had the bug.
  • Fixed a bug where you got an error if you put more than 255 characters in Alert.
  • Fixed some design issues.
  • Changed text of "Alert 10/30/60 seconds" to "Alert and Countdown 10/30/60 seconds".
  • Added focus option in Alert.

v1.0.0 (18 Jan 2011)

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