Posting a suggestion to a product features or an entire product

Last Updated: 6 Apr 2013

Posting a new suggestion for product features or an entire product is done using our forums. In this tutorial you will learn how you can do it - this is done by providing us with details about your idea / feature suggestion.




The first thing you need to do is to find the correct forum to post your idea / suggestion:

  • If what you want to suggest is an entire product - please post it in our "BrainStorm / Idea Suggestion" forum.
  • If what you want to suggest is a feature to an existing product - please post it in the "Suggestions" forum that is under the product forum you would like to suggest to.



When you have finally found the correct forum to post on please follow this steps to provide us with detail about your idea / suggestion:

  1. First step you should do is check out if anyone posted a suggestion for your suggestion (make a search in the forum you are currently in...). If you cant find any suggestions like yours, please proceed to step 2.
  2. Create a new topic and change the subject of the topic to be "{name of the program} {version} - {whatever your suggestion is}" (without quotation marks and curly brackets)
  3. Copy the following fields and fill them with the correct information:
    • Product (the product itself)
    • Version (version of the product)
    • Description (of what you would like us to add)
    • Email (so we will contact you if we have questions) (optional)
    • you may also link to an image that is hosted in image-hosting site or add an image attachments (3 max).


Note: although we will check it out - please do not post a suggestion using the "Contact Us" page.


Every suggestion is treated as is like our own, this is how we like to treat our customers.


Thank you for using our products..

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