Introduction to Schedule Manager (and a basic How To...)

Last Updated: 5 Apr 2013

Schedule Manager enables you to design your daily routine and perform various tasks (such as auto shutdown, alarm and download file at a specific time).


The followings are explained in this video tutorial:

  • The basic use of Schedule Manager.
  • How to add a task.
  • The type of tasks that Schedule Manager provides.
  • Basic use of the "Alert" task and it's extended options.
  • Introduction to the Date & Time tab when adding a task.
  • Introduction to the Sound tab when adding a task.
  • How to use your own sound using the Sound tab.
  • What happens if a time as already passed.
  • How to edit a task that has already been added.



Have fun watching...

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Tags: schedule manager, introduction, how to, tasks, alert, auto shutdown

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